Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday with Friends

I so dislike falling behind on the blog, because then I either skip a month or two or throw haphazardly put together a few blog posts to catch up. So I figured I better get all the February pictures off the camera before March was over!

I love, love, love our dSLR camera, but I do tend to take forever to download the pictures from the P&S camera. So know that the next couple days will be filled with blog posts catching me up (at least a little bit).

Yes, I know that Lydia's birthday was a long time ago! Nearly 3 weeks, but I have had the worse cold ever. Not just the regular cold that I can muster through with a day or two of lots of TV for the kids and me lounging on the couch. But, a dreadful, never ending cold. I have gotten accustomed to a daily routine of sinus wash, Afrin, Sudafed, Benadryl, Nyquil and the prescription drugs that I hope start working soon...

Enough about that, here are more pictures from Lydia's birthday.

Lydia and her friends donned aprons for their mini cooking and baking party. (Better than a bib)!
Happy Birthday to you!
Yum! Cupcakes!

And the pile of kids around the gifts!

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