Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Twins

Lydia and her friend Lauren share a birthday. In a card ride a couple days before their birthday, I was explaining to Grace and Lydia that both Lauren and Lydia were born on the same day a few short years ago. Of course this made perfect sense to the girls. They were TWINS!!

Grace: "Lydia, you have a twin! I never knew you had a twin! Do you think Dad knows that we have another kid in our family."
Mom: "Lydia and Lauren have the same birthday, but they are NOT twins."

Knowing exactly where this conversation was going, I just hoped this twin business would blow over quickly. They proceeded to tell EVERYONE that they saw that they had this long lost twin sister that lives with another family. Not too worry too much though, apparently would see the girl soon...


Here are the girls celebrating over cupcakes! Yummy!

Then some playing in the construction room.
Give a few girls some random clothes and a stage and they are all in heaven.
Ella gets to work building and constructing.
Grace works on plumbing.

We can't wait to see you catch up with Lauren, Jen and Gavin again soon.

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