Friday, January 21, 2011

The "Real" Earth

I knew it would happen. I just didn't realize that it would happen so early. Grace already thinks I am a bit crazy and that I surely don't always know what I am talking about.

All three girls are playing happily in the dining room talking crazy gibberish that I tend to ignore. When I ask them what they are doing and tell them to start picking up their toys. I got some crazy response about how they are watching the lanterns. All of them (all their barbies and babies and Grace & Lydia too) are lying down watching the ceiling.

Then Grace reminds Lydia not to touch "earth." So I kindly remind Grace that we live on Earth. Grace looks doubtful. Then she turns to Lydia and says, "our real mom with dark hair doesn't know a lot of things. The real Earth is just blue and green and looks like a beach ball. We do NOT live on Earth."

Don't all these Barbies look happy looking at the lanterns?
My little know-it-alls staring at the ceiling...

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