Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Invaded... by Barbie & Company

I knew the time would come when the girls would want lots of Barbies. I held off as long as possible in getting them Barbies since I did not want to be on the lookout for little shoes, tiaras, necklaces and other little Barbie accessories.

But, the time has come. Barbies invaded our sweet suburban home over the Christmas week. Up until this Christmas, the only Barbies that we had were the ones that the girls had inherited from their cousin, Haley.

The Barbies are here! And they are happily residing in the new house and their new dream vacation home.

My newest little residents watching some TV.
Grace insists that Rapunzel likes to hang from the window. (I certainly figured out why the new Rapunzel movie is named Tangled. Luckily for Rapunzel, my friend Norma came and gave her a new princess hairdo.
Have I mentioned that Grace LOVES all her new Barbies!!! Thank you to all who gave the girls Barbies for Christmas. They are in heaven! And they have been great about not playing with any little pieces while Ella is awake.

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