Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! We are all dressed in our cutest red and white clothes and ready to root for a Wisconsin Badger win in the Rose Bowl. Since gearing up for a Badger game is all our family can handle today, we are going to worry about the New Year's Resolutions tomorrow.

In other notes, all the Christmas decor is put away for another year. I am always so excited to bust out the holiday decor in November, but I am equally excited to put it all away, vacuum the needles and start the year with a less cluttered house for the new year.

On Monday, we'll get back into our regular routine. Paul has been off of work since he middle of December, so our schedules have been much more flexible than normal. Having a extra person home most of the time makes managing three young girls so much easier than when Paul works all week.

Until tomorrow, Go Badgers!!

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