Monday, June 28, 2010

The Zoo

It's become a great summer tradition that we get together with a couple of fantastic friends that I met in college. Between the three couples we have 6 little girls under 5. The weather forecast for the day looked like lots of rain and thunderstorms. For the most part, the rain and thunderstorms didn't get in the way of a great day.

Ella strapped in and ready for a day at the zoo.
Grace and Lydia had the Family Farm play area all to themselves while we waited for our friends to arrive. Nothing like the threat of rain and thunder to keep the other kids away!!
All the little monkeys!! Lauren, Emma, Ella, Katherine, Grace and Lydia
Ella - she's almost as big as the baby gorilla
Katherine claiming Lydia's spot in our stroller. Lydia nto a very good sharer and gave poor Katherine a few evil glares throughout the day.
Paul and Lydia looking at the spider monkeys.
No visit to the zoo is complete for my girls without sitting on the tiger and zebra chairs.
Emma - The oldest of all the girls is almost 5 and definitely the little mother of the group. All the littler girls adore Emma.
Emma and Grace doing something at the dinosaur exhibit. I could pretend to know what they are doing or wait until Paul gets home and ask. If I wait to ask Paul, the post might not be up for another month, so just pretend it's something really cool!

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