Friday, June 11, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Strawberries! Yummy! Nothing is better than warm, juicy fresh strawberries. We spent a morning at a local farm picking (and eating) berries.

Instead of posting, I am convinced that I should occasionally just copy the Mathies family blog and change the kids names from Allie to Grace and/or Lydia and Katelyn to Ella. I guess I better post a few pictures of the kids though.

Lydia LOVES to eat strawberries. Grace likes to smile, pose, smile, pose some more, walk between the strawberry rows, pose some more and maybe pick a strawberry or two.

Ella sat happily in between a couple of rows of strawberries.
All done for the morning, hop on the wagon and wait for the ride back. We must have had the same idea as the Mathies family since they arrived about 10 minutes after us.

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