Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rummaging and the Park

I love to go to rummage sales. With three kids, three and under, rummaging can be a daunting experience. Daunting, but I do it anyway. That just makes me crazy, right? So if I decide to go rummaging, I selectively choose a couple that I want to hit. Since we only have girls and all the clothes get handed down to Lydia and Ella, I usually only buy for Grace. (Don't feel too bad for Lydia and Ella, since they have a very large, and I think cute, wardrobe).

I dragged the girls to a couple great sales this morning. It wasn't too torturous since they sit in the van and watch movies. (See Paul, that money spent on the entertainment package is saving us money on kids clothes).

To get rid of the pent up energy this morning, I let the girls loose at the park. After about 2 seconds of being at the park, they forget the torture of the rummage sales. See for yourself.

Lydia getting her toes wet.
Ella and her pal Katie sitting in the shade.
Grace running and splashing.
Fun in the water
Jump! Splash!
Lydia drying off for a bit. (Great photo, Janelle)!

Splashing, sliding, swinging and of course the picking and sharing of flowers with friends makes for a fabulous Thursday!

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