Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skipping April

Sometimes blogging stresses me out! I seem to fall behind all the time. So instead of trying to catch up on two months of posts, I am letting it go and just skipping all things April.

I'll recap the entire month in one short post without pictures.

  • Lots of zoo days
  • Easter egg decorating
  • Cake decorating at Cake N Bake
  • An early Easter egg hunt at the Folks
  • Paul was confirmed. He's now officially Catholic.
  • Easter breakfast and egg hunt at the Borneman's
  • Easter lunch and egg hunt at the Murphy's
  • Diesel's 5th birthday (in dog life I guess he's 35)
  • Paul and I celebrated 5 wonderful years together
  • Birthday party for our niece Nona. Happy 4th Birthday Nona!

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