Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day and the Dells

Best Mother's Day gift...ever! I was presented with breakfast in bed. Pancakes, toast, sausage and an omelet. Yummy! The girls thought it was the best thing ever. So they hopped in and ate my breakfast. Lydia ate the entire omelet, Grace ate the pancakes, they shared the pancakes - with ear other. I got a piece of toast.

I was given a gift coupon for a trip to the spa and Paul would take the girls away for the weekend. The plan was that my friend Janelle and I would get the weekend off while the dads took all the kids to the Dells. Last weekend, the gift was fulfilled. I spent the weekend relaxing and reading. We had dinner out Saturday night and brunch at the Cheesecake Factory Sunday morning before our massages at the spa.

2 great dads, 5 girls three and under, 1 night in the Dells. They seemed to do just fine.

Katelyn and Ella. Ella sure looks tired.
Maybe she could just nap and float.
Grace and Ella.
Lydia! She looks so little in that big slide!
Then they stopped at Tommy Bartlett's Exploratory; here are pictures.

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