Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In labor

We got to CMH about 6:20a, checked in, and headed upstairs. It was more relaxed checking in while Christy wasn't in labor. We headed up to the birthing center and the nurses got the monitors and formalities in order. The IVs did not go well. Christy's vein's are always troublesome. After the nurse tried, in vain (pun intended), the resident poker expert got her stabbed successfully. Unfortunately, both attempts by the first nurse ended with burst veins and bubbles under her hand. No bruising though. Christy ususally bruises easily.

The doctor showed up around 7:30a and applied that gel to get things going. Then the nurse started the pre-epidural fluids. Then came some mild cramping. More less mild cramping. Nausea. Christy talked the doctor into the pain medicine nubane. That did the trick. Tolerable pain and nausea. Now we're waiting for a regular labor rate to kick in. For now, Christy is resting.

The nurse just delivered the epidural pump. She got the infant inspection table out. It's a rather intense looking system for the baby's first post-womb exposure. Such is her life to be.

We've finally settled on a name. The delay was my fault. I picked this name months ago but had second thoughts. Christy got needlessly worked up. But she'll tell you otherwise.

Heart rate: 144, 2cm dialated, 70% thinnned, -2 (whatever that meant at 8am) and no complications.

I'll blog when there's more news, and I have time.

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