Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tomatoes are Ready!

So after patiently for the tomato plants in the garden to grow, then waiting some more for the green fruits to actually ripen, it finally happened - we have red tomatoes! I thought it would be great to make BLTs for dinner yesterday. I went to pick one tomato thinking that should be enough for dinner and handed it to Lydia to bring in the house. Grace wanted to carry one in too, so I found another. It was perfect! I was going to start dinner and maybe even have it ready when Paul got home from work. Apparently, I wasn't clear about my plan, because before we made it back into the house both girls were eating their tomatoes. Then my planned cycled further out of control, as they got dirty. She needed to clean up so she took her clothes off and had to wash off in the pool. So Lydia followed. By the time Paul got home from work, their tomatoes were eaten, the clothes were off, the girls had both cleaned the tomato juice and seeds off themselves and out of their hair, and they were on to playing on the playset. I'm certain Paul thinks I have no control of our household during the day!

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