Sunday, November 9, 2008

More on Grace's Birthday

Friday was a late night and Saturday was a long day. Christy got up early to pursue mother of the year by decorating an Elmo cake. For Grace, Saturday started with another blueberry muffin. Then, after the first snow accumulation of the year, Grace enjoyed both riding with Grandpa on the golf cart and some sledding.

Grandpa and Grandma Rudy and Linda made lunch for everyone. After lunch, we sang and cut up Elmo.

And then the best part: GIFTS! Amongst other items, Grace received clothes, a guitar, a vacuum, and money. (By Sunday, she's made quick use of the vacuum.)

After Grace's birthday party, we went to Rudy's surprise 50th party where Grace made friends with Lauren, Rudy's great niece.

And Lydia finally got some attention both from Grandpa and with a pony ride from her sister.

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