Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grace's Birthday

There's a short build up between Halloween and Grace's birthday. The girls took the time to do some bonding. They took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.
Also, between the excitement of Halloween and the build up to Grace's birthday, Christy earned a break. It was time Grace start doing some chores. So, Grace has started feeding Lydia. However, after only recently recovering from the 2008 Great Sprinkle Famine, we were deep into the 2008 Great Baby Food Famine. Again, Grace was acutely aware. Lydia was only allowed to repeatedly lick a spoon dipped in food.

Then, they returned to bonding with a little game of catch. Due to Lydia's admittedly poor coordination, Grace found eye protection. Lydia was willing to risk it.
Finally, Grace's birthday celebration started with a family party at home. Grace had a cupcake and opened gifts. We loaded her new princess tent with balloons. Now, that's where she insists we keep these balloons.

Grace started her birthday morning with a mom-made-from-scratch blueberry muffin. With two candles of course. And she started singing Happy Birthday to herself that would last all weekend.

Then, we headed north to a birthday dinner with grandparents Dawn and Charlie. And when desert came, Grace had to fend off a sugar-hungry grandpa.
Then, she was sereneded.

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