Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bigger than Christmas

The girls have had a very full Halloween celebration. I'll bet that Lydia and Grace have spent more time on ghouls and goblins than on Christmas. And we've the pics to prove it.

There was trick-or-treating at Virginia Highlands. The Mom's club organized a kid-friendly event at a local senior community.

After the conducting candy collection services, the Mom's club kids carried on with cookie decorating services. Many have heard what'll be known as the 2008 Great Sprinkle Famine. Grace was acutely aware of the shortage. Grace was decorating one of the ladies cookies. The lady asked for sprinkles. With the Famine in mind, Grace had to balance the needs of one against the needs of many. She placed one sprinkle on the cookie, looked at her customer, and asked, "More?" The lady was short-sighted, selfish, and demanding, "More, please." And she got a second sprinkle. "More?" "How about a black sprinkle?" asked the pushy lady. Grace obliged, but there would be no more sprinkles for this selfish person.

After decorating cookies, Sonia helped Grace and Lydia decorate muffins. Fortunately, Dad got to enjoy the muffins. He still doesn't know who ate the cookies.
Sonia, employed by Big Apple Bagels, organized a marketing event where the kids got to decorate mini-muffins with Halloween themed items. One muffin included a marshmallow-eye.

Plus, you'll remember from a previous blog, we all enjoyed Halloween at the Zoo with the Groeschels. By now, the girls were properly prepared for the original version of Halloween: neighborhood trick-or-treating. Right girls? What's that mischevious look for?

And after all that work, Graced most enjoyed staying home and giving candy to all the 'treaters.

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