Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Fun

It comes as no big surprise that my girls love Halloween. It is an nationally recognized excuse to wear dress up clothes our in public for nearly a month. On top of that, I bust out the totes of dress up clothes and shoes that have been stowed away.

This was the first year that Ella got in on the Halloween action. We kicked things off with a party at our local Y. There was a scavenger hunt that lead the girls throughout the facility. Crafts, dancing, and balloons were a hit too, but paled in comparison that they got to see their friends.

Lydia dressed up as a flower girl. I have no idea where she got the idea that she should be a flower girl.
Grace's class had a fun Halloween party for the kids and their siblings too.
Lydia was so excited that she got to sit at the table with the rest of Grace's class. She blends right in so much that I almost didn't recognize her.
Just as Halloween mode kicked in full speed, we 'adopted' our favorite brunettes for a long weekend. Four days, sick girls, and a ton of fun. Pyper and Ella were a riot a minute. They were either causing a ton of trouble and giggling the entire time or Ella was bullying Pyper.
In an effort to keep the kids entertained and my house from getting way too loud, we loaded them up and took them all to the zoo.

My dear friend Jen was gracious enough to hang out with us. She must have seriously thought we were crazy although I am sure that her daughter Lauren had no idea what to do with all these girls!!

After a long month, we wrapped up Halloween with some neighborhood trick or treating. Happy Halloween from the unicorn, Rapunzel and the Snow Princess.

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