Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grace is 5!!

Where did time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing a little bundle home from the hospital, not knowing what we were doing. I cannot believe that Grace is 5!!

Grace is an amazing 5 year old. She is wise beyond her years, and she has no problem letting one know when they are wrong. She is a great friend and sister who is always willing to share and compromise.

And she is indecisive. For weeks leading up to her birthday she wanted to have a princess, fairy, batman, monkey party with a pinata. Her variation would occasionally change to include more things to make sure that everyone invited would have a good time. Eventually Paul and I made an executive decision for her birthday cake. Since she has been a bit obsessed about rainbows since early in the school year when she studied her colors and made rainbows.

So she got her very own rainbow cake. Decorated with the amazing assistants Grace and Lydia.
She was also in charge of stirring the colors before baking the cake.
After celebrating with the family on Saturday, Grace celebrated with her great friends on Sunday. Nothing screams Grace like Tae Kwon Do right? At the start of the party the instructor asked the kids whose birthday it was? The kids screamed "GRACE" in unison. Grace quickly covered her ears. When I asked her about it later, she replied, "Mom, those kids are LOUD." They sure were, but thankfully they all did great.

They practiced punches and kicks.
They had races and relays.
They had their very own little spectators.
Just when they were under control, listening and following directions, they got cake.
Then they broke boards.
The group of cute kids.
After 2 days of parties, Grace woke up to a balloon filled room on her BIRTHDAY.
And one more piece of cake before heading to bed.
Happy 5th Birthday Grace!!

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