Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Day of Preschool

My girl started preschool this year. She was excited about starting school, but as the day neared she was a little nervous. Here she is on the first morning. (Don't you love her orange ensemble). She wouldn't wear her favorite dress for a week leading up to the first day of school in fear that it wouldn't be clean to wear to school.

At school.
Since she's been in school for a couple of weeks now, I can safely say that any jitters are long gone. She has quickly warmed up to her teacher after learning that they share the same favorite color. (She also likes that her teacher says chop!chop! to keep on schedule).

She's made lots of new friends and is a bit bummed when the weekend comes and she doesn't get to go to school. (Although that usually passes quickly, since she sees her best friend Syd on most weekends).

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