Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Up North with the Bornemans

Rudy's sister and brother-in-law own a cabin in Rhinelander where we vacationed for a little less than a week. (Thank you Weynbergs.) The week started a little cold with a slightly chilly boat ride around the lake to the calmest section we found. Haley was the first to jump in. Not to be outdone by Paul.

On this trip and others, Grandpa didn't have the sense to set an age limit on piloting the boat. Sorry for the damage to the outboard, Dave.

Grandma was generous enough to share some warmth after Lydia got her toes wet.

Despite Paul dumping Lydia into the lake via the weeble wobble jet ski, Lydia got back on. This time with Grandpa. She was much happier.

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