Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dirty Girls

(from left) Sam, Jill, Michelle, Lisa, and Christy ran the Dirty Girl at Milford Hills. Here's a pic the only time Grace liked being around them.

Grace got a chance to wish mom well, "Go Mom!"
And the race is on. They all think they're going to like it. Silly ladies.

We saw a couple of the obstacles. The first was some hay bales. Must have been replacing them during the race. This is how they looked after 5000 runners had climbed them.

The next chance we had was at the halfway point. Before here, they encountered some mud and some tire obstacles.

The great part about this one was the spectators kept quiet about the entry. These the only women I saw who didn't fall face first as they entered. The footing is hidden by the muddy water and the tarp underneath is slick. I was very disappointed no one went under.

Michelle was having fun scaring the girls. Before there was a snow fence between us and them. Now it was nothing more than a ribbon between Grace, Lydia, and Ella and those filthy ladies.

Lisa was happy to be part of the run but not quite thrilled with the mud. Her friends were sensitive to her requests to be left alone.

The final obstacle, cargo net climb, had about a 20 minute wait. And this group was the absolute last group of the day.


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