Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer of Firsts

I didn't realize what a difference a year makes for these two beautiful girls. They both seem to be growing so quickly and gaining an incredible amount of independence.

Many of the things that are new to Lydia this summer are at least a bit familiar to me since I had a three year old daughter last summer. Lydia's FINALLY able to take dance with Grace. She is thrilled that she is able to be in the same dance class with Grace for the summer session before joining her fellow three year old friends this fall.

Lydia is also in the same swim class as Grace for the summer. There swim teacher is one of their favorite teachers at the Y so they were so delighted that she is also their swim instructor. They are also in the same swim class with a couple of friends. What more could girls ask for in swim lessons.

Lydia has her own bike with training wheels. She has been keeping up with Grace as they both bike around the driveway all the time.

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