Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keeping up with a Four Year Old

I have to admit I have been taken aback a bit by how much Grace has accomplished in the past month. Just last month I made an executive decision that we should go on family bike rides again. We've had a bike trailer for a few years so that the girls can go behind the bike, but with three girls and only room for 2 in the trailer, we've been short space this year. I thought the perfect solution would be a tandem bike for Grace to ride behind either Paul or I while the other pulled the trailer. It was a idea and worked as planned for about a week. Then both Grace AND Lydia decided that it would be a better idea if they just rode their bikes with their training wheels on our bike rides. Their new idea has slowed the bike rides down a bit, but at least they are using up a lot of energy while they pedal all over the neighborhood.

After watching her friends maneuver the monkey bars all spring, Grace decided that she would learn to do them too. And she did. Considering that she has never had much interest in learning or even attempting them, I was a bit surprised when she was swinging from one side to the other in a few short weeks.

Swinging... I guess it might seem obvious that Grace spends a ton of time outside this summer. She's learned to pump on the swings too. Yay! I am looking forward to the girls swinging without me pushing them all the time. Although considering that Ella refuses to sit in a baby swing, I may be a bit closer than I think.

When the best thing about a sport is the color of the team shirt, it might not be the best sport for your child. We thought that we would give summer t-ball a try. Grace plays with her friend, Lauren on the same and both dads help coach. Although I am nearly certain that the best part about t-ball is that the team shirts are ORANGE.

I never expected for the day of slumber parties to come so soon... Yes, you read that correctly, Grace and Lydia had their first sleepover with a pair of their best buddies. I'm just glad that they haven't ask for another yet (although it's only been a couple days).

I promise I will post plenty of pictures soon!!

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