Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playtime with Cousins

We planned a play date with the girls cousins, Nona and Erick before Nona started school. Play dates will be a bit harder to schedule since Nona will be in school every day. Since they live about an hour away and we have to work around lots of naps and car rides, we don't get together as frequently as we might like.

Grace and Nona had Aunt Sara read lots of library books.

Poor Erick was over his head in girlness. Being the only boy, he is seriously outnumbered!
Ella (whose hair seems to be getting lighter and lighter every day)
Grandma Pedersen, Grace and Nona coloring.
Ella and Sara
Thanks for coming Grandpa Pedersen, Sara, Nona and Erick. Come back soon and visit again.

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