Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bay Beach 2010

We managed to squeeze in a very short trip to Bay Beach as a family in August. Grace has been looking forward to going on the ferris wheel for weeks! So as soon as we bought our tickets, she was sure to make it the first ride that we went on. I was a little bit worried that her or Lydia might freak out when we got to the top, but they both loved it. Grace was ready to rock our chair as soon as we got in.

Grandma Pedersen met us at Bay Beach as well. She rode on the helicopter with Grace , who was sure to get the orange one.
Ella's favorite (translate only) ride is the carousel. She giggles the entire time that her horse goes up and down.
Grace spent a lot of time eying up the orange horse as we waited. Thankfully no one else chose it before her.
Lydia in the boats.

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