Monday, July 5, 2010

Lydia's Weekend Review

Lydia LOVES to smile for the camera. She''s so darn cute, why wouldn't you want to take loads of pictures of her.

Cute and happy eating chips by the lake. Cute and happy playing in the house.
Back outside, cute and happy.
Cute and happy, eating her s'mores by the fire. (I am starting to think that maybe she's just happy when she is eating).
Still cute and happy by the lake. Her eye is totally swollen from a mosquito bite. Awwww. We're hoping for a quick recovery. Poor Lydia! I hope she looks better by this weekend.

Every once in awhile, Grace asks Lydia if Grandpa poked her in the eye. Sometimes she says yes, sometimes no. If it's a no, she asks if Grandma poked her in the eye. Even if she says yes, Grace doesn't believe her.

Fortunately, by Monday, her eye looks nearly back to normal.

And yes, she's wearing a deflated beachball. Dad started a new fashion trend.

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