Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Long Overdue Visit

We haven't made the trip to Athelstane in a long time. We were waiting for warm water. Since June was warm, we figured the lake would be nice. And it was.

But before we could get into the water, Ella had to explore the deck. She found windchimes with no wind. If there was only a solution. Fortunately, Grandpa is plenty willing to hold Ella to her hearts content. Can you tell who's finished with the chimes?

With the biceps exhaust, it's time to work the quads and hamstrings. No lazier way than on the swing. Grace and Lydia are happy to go along for the ride. Grace even made it a little more challenging by swiping Charlie's glasses. (Don't you think he looks less like a dork without his glasses? His wife and daughter do. I do recall both of them using the word "less" and not "doesn't".)

The quads need some more work; the paddle boat is perfect. Just an easy glide around the lake To make it challenging, let's wedge Grandpa in the middle with no back rest adjustment. Then he'll be all scrunched up. See how his knees nearly hit Grace's shoulder?

Break time for Grandpa. Let's get some sister bonding time in. Just floating there lazy on my back...Moving slow and floating free, this lake is swinging under me. Waving back to the folks on shore...I should have thought of this before.

Break time is over. Time for some triceps and lower back. Left, right, left, right...rock the boat!

Fortunately, Grandma doesn't have to work every day the kids are here. But she did use her time to teach two bad habits to Ella. Robbery and sibling rivalry. One tug of Grace's hair ought to be enough of a distraction that Ella can swipe a grape. But Grace is no rookie; she's got a tight hold on those grapes.

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