Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here's a general kid update for December.

Ella is already getting so big! She is such an easy going baby. She's smiling and cooing a lot. Best of all she is a great sleeper aside from her late bedtime. She tends to stay up until almost midnight, but then sleeps in until 9 or 10 am. She had her two month well baby check up last Monday. She's almost 23 1/2 inches long and just shy of 11 pound. That makes her about 35% for weight and 75% for length. She also had to get a few vaccines which are never fun. It might not be so bad for her if she had any baby fat on her thighs.

Lydia loves Ella. She holds her, hugs her, kisses her and nearly smothers her with love every chance she gets. When she isn't invading Ella's space she likes to climb, jump, and climb some more. One of her favorite things to climb is the recliner. She climbs up the arms and seat, then jumps off the back onto the floor.

Grace might have a rough time with Christmas this year. She doesn't like Santa. She does like his reindeer though. Do I try to get her picture with Santa this year? She also doesn't like boys... she tells me both every day! Most days more often now since Santa stuff is everywhere this time of year.

And of course, here's the pictures. Since Halloween I've been planning on making an advent calendar to use up some of the candy. My friend Janelle found a great idea online. It was super easy, even for us noncrafty, nonscrapbooking mommies. It only took a mini muffin tin, magnets, candy and paper. (And a movie, popcorn, crayons, coloring books, pb&j, and pacifiers to enterain the 5 kids while we worked. Here's the finished calendar.

I hung the calendar a day early and Lydia figured out their was candy in there. She would open the days and take out the candy. Grace tried to cover it up but put some back in the wrong spots.

Every morning we get an activity for the day and two pieces of candy. One for Grace and one for Lydia. The first day we hung stockings, yesterday we painted our toenails and today we had hot cocoa with marshmallows. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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