Friday, November 13, 2009


It's crazy to think that we rarely brought Grace to McDonald's until she was almost two! In the past year, she has come a long way!! She knows what to order as we go through the drive-thru ("chicken nuggets, apples, milk and I'm a girl") and she can spot the giant "M" a mile away. For a while, any time we went through any kind of drive thru, she tried to order food. She has since figured out that US Bank and Starbucks don't give out chicken nuggets.

We are now frequent McDonalds guests! The McDonalds nearest our house is great for toddlers. Most kids over 4 are even too tall for the play area! Last Tuesday, they were serving free hotcakes and sausage so we headed out to their favorite dining establishment to join their favorite friends! Here they kids are on the coolest jeep ever! They all managed to get on their and stay posed for what seemed like light years in kid-time.

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