Friday, November 13, 2009

Baptism & Birthday Parties

Last Saturday was a crazy day! We had already planned Grace's 3rd birthday party (and it was her actual birthday), and when we tried to book Lydia's baptism Saturday was the only date available until January (since there are no baptisms during Advent). Paul had a funeral to attend Saturday so he was gone all morning. Thankfully, Grandma Borneman, Grace's Godfather David and Jenny were all available to help get ready!

Here's Grandma Borneman and Lydia. Lydia is getting her 2 year molars, they are all still below the gums yet though. I can't wait to be done with her teething for a while; she seems quite uncomfortable with teething.

Here's Ella and Godparents Ken and Sara.

After church, we ate. Then it was time for Grace to open gifts - both hers, Ella's and a few of Lydia's. Since some people thought it was only fair for her to have a few of her own things to open. Grace does a really good job of letting other kids help her open gifts. I'm sure it will not last forever, so I am grateful for her willingness to share while it lasts. Last week when she received 2 birthday cards in the mail on the same day, she gave one card to Lydia and kept one for herself to open. (Thank you for the cards Ethan, Heather, Emma, & Katherine and Bob and Lois).

The guys don't really seem to care what the kids are up too!
Opening Ella's gifts for her!!
My birthday girl! Happy Birthday Grace!!

Lydia didn't get into the unwrapping of gifts. She left that to the older girls. She waited patiently until the gift was unwrapped, then she would take it to play with while the girls moved onto the next present! Smart girl!
I had a hard time keeping track of who bought what for both Grace and Ella. The house seemed full of new clothes, toys and games.

I am already looking forward to the excitement and joy of Christmas with the three girls!!

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