Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family of Five

We've been settling into life as a family of five this week. Last Friday we brought Ella home from the hospital. The girls have been hovering over her endlessly ever since. Here's Grandma Borneman with Ella and Lydia. As you will notice, Ella doesn't get much alone time. Grace and Lydia like to be wherever their new little sister goes.

Grace and Lydia anxiously awaited Ella coming home. Lydia's new hobby is seeing how many times a day she can kiss Ella.

They even got her balloons. Which conveniently became their balloons.

Ella chilling on the playmat.

Last weekend was busy with visitors. Grandma Charlie & Grandma Dawn came bringing exotic candies (Skittles and M&Ms) for Grace and Lydia. Here they are with Ella.

The Pedersen grandparents and extended family were here Sunday to see Ella and the girls.

This is what Lydia does when Dad wants to get some work done and everyone else is napping.

This is how our mornings start.

This morning we went to the Fire Safety fair. Grace and Lydia loved climbing around the firetrucks.

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