Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun

Paul is back to work and the girls and I are settling in to our weekly routine. I was hoping the newness of Ella would wear off at some point, and the girls would leave her alone a little during the day. Grace and Lydia have both figured out how to collapse the playmat so there aren't the bars to hang the cute animals and toys. The bars were just an extra barrier that got in the way of their sister bonding time.

Ella, finally by herself.
Grace and Lydia made Grandma Borneman a birthday cake on Friday. Saturday they decorated it for her. It sure was beautiful!

Grandma with all the girls
Saturday mornings...
We went to a local pumpkin farm for the morning. It was a bit muddy, but the girls had a ball. We went on a short hayride before picking out our pumpkins from the field.

Grace might have been there all day, she just couldn't make up her mind. The next one just might be better.
Here's our littlest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.
Lydia, Ella and Mom
Mission accomplished!How tall are they this year?

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