Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul!

Lydia's first lollipop - sort of. Grace let Lydia have a lick on her sucker yesterday. Lydia couldn't wait to get more.
To celebrate Paul's birthday today I made his favorite carrot cake. To keep Grace occupied while I was making the cake, I had her paint a carrot cake too. She started with just orange paint, but insisted her cake need purple, yellow and red too.

By the time she was finished painting, we needed to get ready to have lunch with Daddy. It was a good thing we had to leave because by the time she was done the paint was pretty thick. After lunch, naps, dinner and real cake; Grace finally had time to put the candles on the cake. Then she "lit" the candles.
Finally it's ready for Daddy!
Blow out the candles.

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millshammer said...

So, if I read your post properly then we have husbands who share a birthday (1/29). Too funny! I love the cake. It's a great craft project.