Sunday, October 5, 2008


Paul has been on vacation since 25 Sept. We started the vacation with a long weekend at the Schuh's in Athelstane. Grace (with some minor help from Grandpa Charlie) caught a Bluegill dinner on Friday after Grandpa (with some help from Paul) split nearly 3 cords of firewood. Charlie and Paul couldn't figure out which one of us was the one whipped like a rented mule.

After getting home and taking an easy Sunday, Paul started work on rebuilding the retaining wall between our lot and our southwest-bound neighbors. It looks good now but we'll see if it lasts. The Spring freeze-thaw cycle could push the wall around.

Then we finished vacation with a trip to the Gtown Fireman Safety Fair and a trip to Jim's Pumpkin Patch. The girls watched a home fire demonstration, Grace jumped in giant inflatable, and they checked out all the displays.

At the pumpkin patch, Grace and Lydia stuck their heads through many silhouette cut-outs of witches, ghouls and ghosts. We also found a couple of great pumpkins for our festivity display.

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