Friday, October 24, 2008

Around our House

The pictures that I posted are in the reverse order that I tried to post them so I will give you the updates a little bit backward.

Grace thinks Lydia should do what Grace does all the time. Whether it is eating a snack, reading books, walking, or playing with toys. Lydia loves the attention and goes with the flow. Lydia is standing as long as she is holding onto a toy or furniture. She is also crawling everywhere. One would think that our house is already baby proofed, but I seemed to forget how much our babies enjoy playing in the dog's dish and trying to chew on cords.
Earlier this year we had converted Grace's crib into a toddler bed by removing one side and lowering the mattress as low as it went. We have since moved Grace into a big bed since she was seeming a little bit crowded. I think her favorite part is that there is more room for her stuffed animals.

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