Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dance Recital

Whoa! For the first time all three girls were in dance. Three costumes, three heads of hair, three pairs of tights, three pairs of ballet shoes and lots of glitter, bobby pins, hair spray... All three girls did amazing on stage. I have to admit, I had some concerns about Ella. She isn't usually a camera or spotlight loving child. She hid on her birthday when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She's in a parent-child class and her dance teacher wanted the moms to go on stage with the girls. The moms vetoed that suggestion. We were determined to NOT be on stage.
Pre-show hugs

Ella dancing to the Jungle Book

Grace dancing to Beauty and the Beast

Lydia dancing to Cinderella with her best friends.  (Cassie, Lydia, Breanna and Stephanie).  

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