Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorial Day Parade

After a couple days of being having sick kids and being a bit cooped up, we were all ready to get together with some great friends and watch the Memorial Day Parade.

Look at all these cute kids in their red, white blue attire.
Hands down, Ella's best part of the parade was the tootsie rolls. From before the parade started until we got home she was eating tootsie roll after tootsie roll. I'm not exactly sure how she got so many just sitting there with her bucket. The candy tossers must have loved her.
The group pre-parade.
This was as good as it gets for pictures of the three girls together.
Saying hello to the racing sausages.
The great Menominee Falls Police Officers!
Ella and Mom.

We had a great day filled with the parade and a party with family and friends. I'm glad that summer arrived a bit so we could actually wear the cute summer clothes as opposed to bundling up in sweatshirts like the week before.

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