Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Time on Skates

It's not every weekend that we have no plans for an entire Saturday. But on a given Saturday in February we had a wide open schedule. On top on not having plans, the temperatures were supposed to be above 20 degrees.

So I suggested ice skating or sledding. Grace and Lydia unanimously voted for ice skating. Paul thought I was crazy, seriously crazy. I'm not exactly sure why he thought the entire idea was crazy, but he did. (Then again, I am used to bringing three little girls with me almost all the time. Why should a little ice be a hindrance)?

So we picked out skates, put them on and headed to the ice.
Within seconds of being on the ice, both Grace and Lydia were skating on their own.

Lydia was thrilled to be skating by herself.

So was Grace!
Finally Paul and Ella make it outside.
Obviously Ella didn't get skates of her own, but she was content running around the ice in her boots.

We can't wait to go back!!

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