Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

Nothing is a better bargain than the Milwaukee Zoo Pass that we get every year for Christmas (thanks Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Dawn). As soon as the weather is warm enough we go nearly every week. It's perfect for us since we never get to see too much in one day. I would much rather have the girls run around, dawdle how they seem fit, and wear themselves out before nap time.

An entertaining camel
Peacock - Lydia loves to chase the peacocks. Luckily for this little guy, there was a fence to keep her away.
Lydia, Allie, and Grace - attached for the morning
Grace and Lydia play with their friend Allie frequently. Whenever they hold hands, Allie has to be in the middle.
Double Trouble (Lydia & Allie)
Lots of friends chilling by the giraffes.
The giraffes
Proof that Ella was at the zoo too. She slept most of the time.
Feeding the fish. Is it worse that I avoid the reptile building and let the girls watch the little pond fish instead or that the girls try to feed the poor fish little bits of concrete and stones?

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