Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pizza to Marathon

Christy ended the year with a trip to Tazinos. A fellow mom organized a behind-the-scenes tour of a pizza buffet restaurant. Clearly, Lydia enjoyed it.

Two of the girls continue to love cuddling under a blanket on a cold winter night. One needs a pacifier so she doesn't cry.

We celebrated Christmas and New Years at Grandma and Grandpa Schuh's. Like everywhere else, the girls made out like bandits.

While these dry-erase marker cupcakes have been a hit, Grace has also been able to turn the markers into war paint on her friends.

Grace talked Grandpa Charlie into reading a few books.

Here's a random cute picture of Ella.

The girls are always excited to take turns holding Ella.

Notice that Lydia is thrilled to share her sister with Grace?

Here's Lydia after a brief driving lesson from mom.

Stethascope sound check...1, 2. Lubdub, lubdub.

Christy bought me a banana plant for Christmas. So far, it's sprouted a few new leaves. One even drew water up to the tip and there they stayed.

Lydia's hair has finally gotten long enough to hold a pony tail. Better yet, Lydia was willing to leave it in for more than an hour.

And then Christy shared a little too much of her schnapps. I always stop after the second shot.

Nona and Eric came down for a play date and tea party. Not too much tea but there were some big, themed cakes.

Less pictures, more talk:
No layoffs at work this quarter. There were plenty of rumors swirling; however, despite the first quarterly loss since 1993, there were no cuts. It sounds like there were going to be until a last minute change. Coincidently, our HR VP quit on Monday effective on Monday and an internal candidate replaced her on Friday.

Christy and I have started training for a half marathon and full marathon, respectively. Today was the first day either of us ran outside since 2005 or earlier. Long time. But we both did pretty good. Christy knocked out 2.5 miles in no time and I was able to run 6 miles. Never thought I'd run that far. And I think another couple of miles could have been easily done. Alex ran with me and though supportive, clearly eager to run faster. He found an opportunity to add in an extra mile by running ahead and back. No complaints, I could use all the peer pressure.

This week, Grace has twice said things that made me laugh so hard I cried. Wednesday night we're putting the girls to bed and praying for people. As Grace rattle off names (she likes to stall by thinking up as many friends and family as possible), she slipped in a mumbled name that sounded like 'Alan.' To which I gave Christy a look and asked if Alan fixes the furnace. I signed quotes with my fingers. Grace mimicked this gesture and said, "yes, Alan 'fixes' the furnace." I nearly fell to the floor.

Then today after dinner, I asked Christy what she wanted for her birthday. She asked, "Can I have sleep?" Grace said, "No, the sleep store is closed. It's locked." This is a common answer Christy gives Grace when she asks to go to McDonalds. Again, I'm in tears. Christy didn't enjoy either of Grace's comments as much as I did.


RunningMom said...

Great to hear about your marathon training. I would just caution you do not do too much too soon especially if you have truly not done anything since 2005 - it could backfire on you. Are you following a training plan and which half/full marathon are you planning to run?

Emma has the same cupcakes from Christmas and loves them!

Little girls comments are simply the best!

Christy said...

We're following a marathon training guide. If we fall off the guide, then we can delay to the next marathon.

Paul is running the full marathon at Green Bay on 5/16. Christy is running the half. Have you run it?