Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We are finally back home after a few days of Christmas celebrations. We all have colds so the chances that the kids will get back into their normal napping routines doesn't look likely.

Last weekend we took the girls to Cabelas to see Santa. There was no line and no charge - it was nice since neither girl was excited to see him.

We continue to get snow. It's over our mailbox. This photo is from last Saturday, before it snowed Monday and Tuesday. I think more is coming again tonight.

Tuesday night we celebrated Christmas at Borneman's. Grace and Haley worked ferociously to unwrap the gifts. Lydia slept through most of the gift opening.
... then the wagon rides started. Christmas Eve morning we went to Christmas with the Pedersens.

We all took naps before heading over the Murphy's.

Last, but not least, Christmas morning at home.

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